Working With A RealtorĀ > A Real Estate Agent’s Reality

The process of guiding a home sales transaction is in reality more complex than many people realize. When qualified buyers present an offer on your home, it might seem that the deal is done, but this is only the beginning of the negotiations process. Ideally, this aspect of the transaction culminates in a meeting of the minds. At no point can the real estate agent just sit back and relax, because the “glue” that holds each transaction together is subject to a variety of factors and forces that may cause the deal to fall apart.

We can only hope that there are no surprises during the home inspections. We have to presume that the appraiser will think the house is worth as much as the buyer and seller do, but this is never guaranteed. As the buyers make their loan application, we cross our fingers that the credit report reveals they always pay their bills on time.

Rarely is a transaction completed without a few problems. A real estate agent’s professional skills come into play primarily during the time between contract ratification and the closing. At this point, we use our creativity, patience and negotiating skills to achieve a happy resolution to your transaction.